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Zen Tangle Challenge-The Space Between

I have been obsessively tangling lately–no time even to post, must tangle 🙂

But in search of inspiration….draw too much water and the well does begin to run dry…I hopped over to the Diva’s zen tangle challenge blog (see the roll on the right) and saw this week the challenge was to work with the white space, the space between all those little lines…I needed to work on breathing space indeed and this one just created itself for me:




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Stressful times call for….

Times are tough right now so I’m finding myself turning to the zen tangle for respite.

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Grid–1 day late

I did finally finish my 3rd grid for the GPP Street Monthly Art Crusade, ok, it’s July, but I wanted to share it anyway.  This one was again an asymmetrical grid that I filled in as a Zen doodle.

It’s a little too busy I think, but I’m ok with it overall.  I liked adding the few bits of color.  I also did a few segments playing with a new doodle style–I’m not sure how well they fit with the others.  I’ll be posting some more of that shortly.  Even though this “crusade” is over, I’m tempted to keep this little journal a grid journal.  I have never stuck to any kind of theme throughout a book, so this might be a challenge, but I’m liking the idea so far! Thanks to Michelle Ward of GPP Street Team for the inspiration.


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This week at TGIF the theme is “white”.  I created this ATC using white gel pen on a pink background.  I like the soft feel of this Zen tangle.

whiteatcThanks for looking!


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Zen tangles–a new obsession

I have recently stumbled upon “zentangles” (see Trish Bee’s http://trishbee.wordpress.com) and have become completely obsessed with them. In my bumping around on line, though, I’ve seen many describe it as a form of therapy. I certainly see the soothing effects…a visual rocking, if you will. My experience though, is that it is a way to disconnect from feelings. This is a great help when the feelings are tough–today it has been 1 month since Mimsey died and everyday has been hard. But therapy is about getting closer to feelings, not numbing them. I found myself spending time working on tangles only to find a huge welling up of emotion just as I was settling in to sleep. I don’t want to bash tangles….I do LOVE them, just found for me there is a particular experience that I need to be aware of when and why I am doing them. Anyway, enough words and on to the picts!

I started using graph papers and loved the structure they offered….


goofygtangleducktangleThen I did try a few in my journal without the graph paper:

hattangleand this one is not quite finished yet:



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