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Uh Oh…..my bad.

I have been woefully neglectful.  Sometimes too much time creates a loss of focus for me.  No excuses, just mea culpas.  I have been neglectful of this space.  However, I have not been neglecting art….so there’s an upside, lots to catch up on.  I’ve been working on several journals, collages, and a few pieces I am working on to submit to CPS and Somerset Studio (so they will not be posted until I hear yea or nay).

To start, some  journal pages:

I still struggle with words…to add or not to add….As I look at them, the first page does feel like it needs written word and I think the second stands on it’s own.  The problem is even when it feels like words are needed I find myself at a loss, no words come to mind. Ahhh well, keep on keeping at it. TFL


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2 Sunday Challenges

This is my first participation in both Sunday Postcard Art and Gothic Arches.  SPA’s theme was “goddess” and GA’s theme was “wild & wacky”.  I’m not sure my arch truly fits the theme…it started out as something different in my head and, well, you all know once working things just happen.  Anyway, this baby goddess was fun to make!

Thanks for looking!


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