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Where she leads…

This week the Three Muses challenge is to use maps.  It was such a synchronous moment as I was just in the process of working on a journal page with a map.  This map is quite important to me…I just signed up to walk in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and the map shows the start and end points in NYC: Randalls Island and Pier 84.

I am walking this year because my sister asked.  She is a breast cancer survivor.  At 36 years old she was diagnosed and through a series of grueling events, she was extremely lucky.  Lucky because they found not only the first type of cell, but a second type that was a fast growing aggressive cell. Her doctor instructed her that if she still (!) had any living female relatives they should immediately have mammograms.  It was a bad time for all, but again, luck was with her and she is now healthy and no one else has been diagnosed.  I know this is familiar territory for many out there.

Last week my sister contacted me to see if I wanted to join her in the walk…she’s never walked before, nor have I.  She decided that after many have walked for her, it was her turn.  Well, as little girls, she being older by 2 years, I followed her everywhere.  And now it is time for us to walk again.  The journal page is about how important this is for me to do and how overwhelmed I feel at the same time.  It is a big commitment…I must raise $1,800.00 (US).  If there is anyone out there inclined to help me out….please consider a donation…I hate the act of fundraising, but unless I ask, I will not receive and unless I raise the funds I cannot walk.   Thank you for looking and for your support.

I am including a link here to my Avon Walk page. I know there is a more elegant way of doing this, I just don’t know it!




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Three Muses & Theme Thursday

This week the Three Muses challenge had a theme of “a nice cup of tea” and Theme Thursday invited us to create a 2×4.  Here is my 2×4 tea time.

This past week I have been struggling to “kick start” my art.  Everything feels a bit forced…including this piece.  I did have fun making it.  I started out yesterday creating the teapot with collage and tissue paper.  Today I shrunk it down to fit on a 2×4 and completed the card.  As I said, fun, but I had to push myself all the way to finally posting.  Creative blocks are rare for me, but I do get them and it is an awful restless feeling that I can’t find a way to satisfy my need to create–no media seems right, images fail, etc.  I was feeling pressure this week not having posted and at some point was considering not continuing with the blog.  I opted for using the fact of that pressure and the challenges to just make art…reminding myself there will be days (weeks? months?) like this and it is ok.  It is all part of the process.

Thank you for stopping by!


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Three Muses-Incognito

Here is my incognito lady…


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Three Muses and Street Team Crusade #39

Three Muses’ challenge is to use a quote or quip and I recently discovered the monthly Street Team Crusade challenge site using snowflake masks and thought I’d combine the two.  The “Crusade” directs one to gesso the page, paint acrylics, and then use hand cut snowflakes as masks, later incorporating the cut snowflake into the page as well.  I then added a quote from Walter Scott, ” We build statues out of snow & weep to see them melt.”

Way more poetic than “making mountains out of molehills”….one of my specialities.


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Three Muses-Something In the Air

Something in the air….a journal page.  The words have not yet come….I know it is about loss.  Thirteen years ago this week I adopted Mimsey, 6 months ago this week we had to say goodbye.  She is in the ocean, she flies in our hearts.


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Three Muses

This week the Three Muses challenge is “mail art”.

I created this ATC using bits and pieces of envelopes from one day’s mail.  Some pieces got punched with a paper punch, some just ripped and glued down.  I used Jim Holtz Distress Ink in Tattered Rose on the background and some outlines in blue gel pen.  The words are all stamped on. Thanks for stopping by!


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Three Muses Challenge

This week’s Three Muses’ challenge was “Zetti”…never having heard of this, it was a true challenge for me! Don’t know if I really got the gist of it, but I definitely had fun!


I used some magazine photo cut outs (the goose head, human arm, and watch face) and the rest is all paint markers and gel pens.  I don’t quite know how it ended up with the goose head, but suddenly there it was….So glad this challenge introduced something new.  I’m hoping I can take the time to play with the Zetti idea some more.


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