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Time in Miniature

Theme Thursday’s challenge is to create a miniature piece and One Powerful Hour’s challenge is “time”. Time is a favorite theme (and frequent struggle for me) and the restriction of creating small helped to make it feel “doable”.  I created this 3×3 “Forever”. The background paper is handpainted, the next grid image is one of my photographs taken several years ago at the Bronx Botanical Gardens.  I took the  photo of my husband and me also that same day at the gardens.  The “forever” lettering is from a book of USPS “forever” stamps.  Thanks for looking!



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Three Muses & Theme Thursday

This week the Three Muses challenge had a theme of “a nice cup of tea” and Theme Thursday invited us to create a 2×4.  Here is my 2×4 tea time.

This past week I have been struggling to “kick start” my art.  Everything feels a bit forced…including this piece.  I did have fun making it.  I started out yesterday creating the teapot with collage and tissue paper.  Today I shrunk it down to fit on a 2×4 and completed the card.  As I said, fun, but I had to push myself all the way to finally posting.  Creative blocks are rare for me, but I do get them and it is an awful restless feeling that I can’t find a way to satisfy my need to create–no media seems right, images fail, etc.  I was feeling pressure this week not having posted and at some point was considering not continuing with the blog.  I opted for using the fact of that pressure and the challenges to just make art…reminding myself there will be days (weeks? months?) like this and it is ok.  It is all part of the process.

Thank you for stopping by!


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Thursday Theme–Masculine

I worked in my journal exploring what is masculine for me.  Funny, many times I found myself interjecting “well, women can be that too!”  I realized that what is masculine is not necessarily not feminine…there is much that overlaps.


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Theme Thursday–Busy!

Here is my busy journal entry for this week’s Theme Thursday challenge:

Thanks for looking!


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Theme Thursday

This week at Theme Thursday the theme was bookmarks.

This is not the best photo, but here is a better detail.  I’d just gotten home from my Thanksgiving travels with a bunch of fabric sample books my sister-in-law scored from a friend.  There were so many to choose from, but I realized I wanted something fairly simple to then add to.  I chose a striped blue cotton and then printed a stamp several times (Inkadinkado, gemstones) and then small bubble wrap with light gold paint.  I cut a spiral out of angelina and added a small border of angelina as well, then hand stitched it all down.  This was my first foray into angelina and I found I really liked just creating sheets of it to then cut up.  I’m excited to use the bookmark too….I’m in the middle of  Robertson Davies’ Cornish Trilogy.  Thanks for looking!


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Theme Thursday-Wings

This week’s theme at Theme Thursday challenge is “wings”.  Still hooked on trying to capture Zetti from yesterday’s Three Muses…I created:



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Theme Thursday

This week’s theme is “script/writing” just as I scanned my ATC in I realized I did more of a focus on letters and words…but here it is anyway!


I enjoyed the many layers building up…playing with a new office supply stamp for dates.


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