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GPP Street Team Monthly Crusade- “Grids”

So this month the challenge was to work with grids.  Love ’em–they offer structure and yet you can make them any which way.  NO RULES!!!!  So, here are my 2 finished works…have a third that is still in progress, but wanted to make the July 1 deadline :).

This first one is in my journal and I just used Japanese paper tape to create an asymmetrical grid.  Then I went about filling the segments with all kinds of little things–punched shapes, grunge board shapes, a tiny tag, brads, and then gel crayons and touches of silver marker.

This second one is on watercolor paper and I used a handpainted/printed paper cut into strips to delineate the symmetrical grid.  In each segment I played with some paint, gel pens, graphite pencil, and more of the same paper.

Lots of fun! TFL.



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Saturday Lot’s To Do…on Sunday

Saturday “Lot’s to Do” Challenge asked for tags in non-traditional tag shapes.  I had made these yesterday, but too much to do kept me from posting.   Today, I should be writing a paper, so of course I have time to post…lol.

I happen to have made the backgrounds in my journal for use at a later date, but thought the tags looked good on them…the second one perhaps the background is too busy, but such it life…too busy sometimes.

Back to writing my paper :0(


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