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Valentine’s Day Gift Wrap

I love making my own wrapping paper…I think it started when we used the Sunday comics to wrap presents when I was a kid.  I’ll stamp, paint, draw, or do all three to transform plain paper (usually brown kraft) into something fun.  Even if I don’t do something with the paper, I’ll create an interesting fold or accessory in wrapping the gift.  This year I had the time to make some paper for my sweetie’s Valentine’s Day gift…

I painted large hearts, then drew small ones with gelly pens, added stickles dots and white enamel accent highlights.

I forgot to think about how small the gift box was and probably should have made the large hearts smaller and a smaller “pattern” overall. But I added more “sketched” white enamel accent hearts and placed the curling ribbon over an empty spot.  Overall I’m pleased, though it’s not my best, I had fun and it was all done with love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Things I’ve been up to

I saw Teesha Moore’s video on her quilted journal covers and thought I’d try my own variation of it.  I had dyed paper towels from past watercolor projects and used one to create a single square and then adhered it to the cover of a mini journal I’m working in right now.  I also used colored staples and some scribbles 3-d paint to add details.  I don’t know that it is done…but I’m happy with it so far.

The next 2 are just other pages in the mini-journal that I’ve been playing with.  The images are all from photos I’ve taken and then just adding ribbon, chipboard, stamping, borders, paint, stickles, etc.  

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