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Butterflies and Chihuly

Two pages from my mini-journal where I used pieces of photos I took in Central Park and in the Botanical Gardens years ago during the Chihuly exhibit.


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Mixed Media Stuff

Thought I would post a group of mixed media canvasses I recently completed.  They were not accepted to  a show, but I’m quite happy with them anyway. They are small–5×5″ with acrylic paint, freeform crochet mixed yarns, glass slides, tissue paper, and crackle paints.

Thanks for looking!

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Wow, I’d forgotten how tiring a new dog can be! He is doing great, though terrified of noises outside and very shy inside.  Working with him in slow and steady ways to gently let Batllo know he’s in a forever home and safe has been by sole focus lately.  That and my niece’s tallis (updates will come in the next few weeks).  I have managed to squeeze in a few moments of artwork.  I’ve taken to doing torn paper collages on gouache painted backgrounds:

untitled collage

untitled collage2

They are both small format pieces: 5″x7″.  I’m not sure where I’m going with these…there’s something about the busyness and blocks of color I’m enjoying.  Some end up feeling like portraits others like still lives or even landscapes. Of course any input/feedback would be most welcome!

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