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Valentine’s Day Gift Wrap

I love making my own wrapping paper…I think it started when we used the Sunday comics to wrap presents when I was a kid.  I’ll stamp, paint, draw, or do all three to transform plain paper (usually brown kraft) into something fun.  Even if I don’t do something with the paper, I’ll create an interesting fold or accessory in wrapping the gift.  This year I had the time to make some paper for my sweetie’s Valentine’s Day gift…

I painted large hearts, then drew small ones with gelly pens, added stickles dots and white enamel accent highlights.

I forgot to think about how small the gift box was and probably should have made the large hearts smaller and a smaller “pattern” overall. But I added more “sketched” white enamel accent hearts and placed the curling ribbon over an empty spot.  Overall I’m pleased, though it’s not my best, I had fun and it was all done with love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Playing with new…finding old news.

Playing with new toys–a block stamp from Aladine Co. and new tape–packing tape with barbed wire and measuring tape tape.  I added a background wash of watercolor paint and used my letter stamps.  Playing allowed more of the funk to be processed.  That did not take away anything from the playing and I’m really enjoying this page.  I keep it propped up at my desk and can see it most of the day.  This is the last page in this journal and I have a small one started already, but I’ll see if I start another larger one too….

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Saturday Lot’s To Do challenge was backgrounds this week…I so enjoy making backgrounds I sometimes have a hard time using them.

The ones above were all in my journal.  Below are several scrap papers I worked on that will be used in collage or atcs.

Please feel free to use any background I’ve posted today that you might like either in whole or in part.  I’d love to see what is created if anything!


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TMTA-Best Morning Start

Think Monday Think ATC challenged to depict the best start to my mornings.  Hands down it is walking my dog.  I did this scribble drawing a few years back and repurposed it here today.  It was a much larger drawing that I shrunk down, added the face, and detailed the edges with marker and gel pen.  Unfortunately, today it is pouring out and our walk was very short….we both missed our friends and fun at the dog run 😦

Thanks for looking and a good morning to all!


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Art Creations Friday

A background and photo were part of this week’s challenge from Art Creations Friday.

After I did this one I played with my new Japanese tapes on the back of the page and ended up using the girl again:

I am enjoying the tapes quite a bit, 2 of my journal entries from earlier in the week deal much with my desire to play with the new toys I have and yet struggling to feel playful.  Today’s prompt from ACF was quite helpful to get “my play on”!


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Less than Successful

Today, Mixed Media Monday challenged me to “something new” and TMTA invited me to use newspaper….I thought well, why not combine. I ended up choosing to do something new, rather than depict it…I just got some Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (UTEE) and thought I’d try it….I played with some transfers and added in newspaper…a small bit about making things out of nothing! But…the UTEE was odd to use for me and it ended up obscuring the work underneath it more than I wanted.  I played with some drinking straw beads and ribbon, but in the end it’s just not my best work.  I thought about not posting, about just dumping it.  Even photographing it was a challenge–all the bumpy shiny places the light could jump off and get in the way.  Then I decided the point here is for me to share (warts and all) and learn, perhaps some of you may have some insight to where I went wrong with the UTEE? So here it is, I appreciate any feedback, and no need to be overly kind.  I’m so proud of my previous “Athena” ATC, this just is not my best, and that is ok.


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Had time away from art (which was sad and painful!) so I got my fix by watching youtube videos.  I had already see all of Teesha Moore’s and so searching around I found many many more.  It definitely gave me a great shot of motivation and ideas.  So far I viewed Samantha Kira and am now working my way through Milliande’s videos, also saw “Little Glimpses”, “The One Minute Muse”, and “Willowing” videos.  Here are some of the pieces I’ve been doing in reaction to my viewing. I don’t think any individual piece comes from anyone artist’s video…they are just a mixture of influences and inspiration. I am thankful for these women for their computer skills allowing them to share their techniques, process, and artwork.  I am thrilled to see the numbers of artists out there…I firmly believe we are all artists; it is simply a matter of finding and nurturing that inner piece of the self that must express and communicate.

This spread is ready for writing….haven’t gotten to that yet, but she’s ready when I am!

And I’m not sure yet if this is finished.  I had planned to add painting, but as it got to this point I thought perhaps it was done.  I’m just going to leave it for now and revisit at a later date!

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