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I interrupt this art blog….

Can’t help being a proud Mama….Barley found his twin on Sunday and played all morning her….Billy a 10 year old jack mix too….The wonderful pictures from that day are compliments of my husband…Barley is the one without a tail.  Baci, another friend, makes a brief appearance as the mostly white dog checking out the play.

b&b4 b&b5

b&b6 b3

There is NOTHING better than a tired dog!


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New Dog in the House!!

I interrupt this art blog to introduce Batllo (as in Casa Batllo in Barcelona, pronounced  bat Yo). 

Batllo Sunday Sept 6

He is a 3-5 year-old terrier/daschund (?) mix who was rescued from a puppy mill.  We adopted him on Sunday and are in love with him.  He needs lots of calm, quiet, tlc.  He’s very calm in the apartment, spending much time in his crate, but venturing out occassionally.  Outside the traffic is too big and noisy, but we will help him to acclimate.  We he accepts touching and physical care, but is easily overwhelmed by close smushy love, so we let him have his space.  He seems to like other dogs, though we have yet to see his little nubbin’ of a tail wiggle yet….all in good time.  It is so good to have a dog at home again…to walk and care for.  It doesn’t take away the sorrow we have for losing Mimsey, but he fills a new spot we have just for him!


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