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I interrupt this art blog….

Can’t help being a proud Mama….Barley found his twin on Sunday and played all morning her….Billy a 10 year old jack mix too….The wonderful pictures from that day are compliments of my husband…Barley is the one without a tail.  Baci, another friend, makes a brief appearance as the mostly white dog checking out the play.

b&b4 b&b5

b&b6 b3

There is NOTHING better than a tired dog!


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Well, didn’t get to post more art before we needed to take that final walk with Mimsey.  She just was not living the life she enjoyed anymore…even all the adaptations we’d made, were no longer enough.  She, of course woke up on her last day in better shape than in several days. It was hard, but a great gift to have a chance to be with the dog we knew so well one last time.  She was a beautiful dog inside and out.  RIP Mimsey, you will walk in my heart forever, but by my side no more.  Mimsey 11/06Mimsey Mimsey HolidayMimsey & DavidLast Day


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