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Three Muses-Something In the Air

Something in the air….a journal page.  The words have not yet come….I know it is about loss.  Thirteen years ago this week I adopted Mimsey, 6 months ago this week we had to say goodbye.  She is in the ocean, she flies in our hearts.



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Things I’ve been working on

So during my hiatus I have been doing some small bits of artwork here and there. I have an altered catalog I’ve had in the works for months and did some work on it…

Here is one page I’m quite satisfied with…I was playing with extending forms that were already on the page and suddenly this figure appeared.  She makes me think of a marionette, though while she looks like a puppet she also looks like she is puppeteering.  Who’s in control here? Always a good question, and rarely has a real answer.

Another piece I’m still trying to make something of is the shrine I started way back for my dog Mimsey.  Here are 2 recent shots:

Things obviously got darker on the second go-round.  I am so stuck on how to add in what is missing…nothing seems to fit right.  I feel like I want things, 3-d, but nothing seems to be right.  I know not to push too hard and am just letting it rest right now.  Of course, it’s always great to hear other’s views!

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No Art

I’ve been struggling with getting to my artwork…no that’s not fully accurate. I’ve begun several larger projects and I did take some photos to track the progression.  I just find myself putting off posting anything about the projects and images…now I’ve even lost track of where I saved some of the images.  I’m not sure if the resistance is about the projects themselves…several have had to take a back seat to pressing obligations, some I just haven’t had the time to work on.  OR, is it just about sharing things in their less-than-finished state.  Showing my messy process, artwork in it’s unfinished state that may never be finished, or may change radically.  Ultimately, I suppose I am talking about judgement.  How will I be judged? Yet that was what this blog was to be about, charting my progress, process, and opening up to feedback.

So what are the projects?  The most pressing one is my niece’s tallis (prayer shawl) for her bat mitzvah in October.  This is what has pushed several others off.  I began to weave one, and quickly realized my loom and my skills were not up to snuff!  Then, one of Mimsey’s last acts of destruction was to break the loom itself! So, plan b was to paint/dye silk and create.  Also something I’ve never done before…I do that a lot, decide to make something, then figure out how to.  I am moving along in that pretty well, and am pleased with the separate pieces, but need to dive into putting it together, and FAST!  On the back burner is a small altar in Mimsey’s memory…I actually have images of progress:

mimsshrine1 mimsshrine3a mimsshrine3

It’s far from finished, but here it is.  The other “on the back burner” is a larger painting I began, and stopped.

I realize I need to honor my process–here as I develop my blog, and in my artwork.  I may have real things pressing, I may be avoiding (love those challenges!), and that’s what it is for now.  Too many words today.  So it goes.

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Zen tangles–a new obsession

I have recently stumbled upon “zentangles” (see Trish Bee’s http://trishbee.wordpress.com) and have become completely obsessed with them. In my bumping around on line, though, I’ve seen many describe it as a form of therapy. I certainly see the soothing effects…a visual rocking, if you will. My experience though, is that it is a way to disconnect from feelings. This is a great help when the feelings are tough–today it has been 1 month since Mimsey died and everyday has been hard. But therapy is about getting closer to feelings, not numbing them. I found myself spending time working on tangles only to find a huge welling up of emotion just as I was settling in to sleep. I don’t want to bash tangles….I do LOVE them, just found for me there is a particular experience that I need to be aware of when and why I am doing them. Anyway, enough words and on to the picts!

I started using graph papers and loved the structure they offered….


goofygtangleducktangleThen I did try a few in my journal without the graph paper:

hattangleand this one is not quite finished yet:



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Well, didn’t get to post more art before we needed to take that final walk with Mimsey.  She just was not living the life she enjoyed anymore…even all the adaptations we’d made, were no longer enough.  She, of course woke up on her last day in better shape than in several days. It was hard, but a great gift to have a chance to be with the dog we knew so well one last time.  She was a beautiful dog inside and out.  RIP Mimsey, you will walk in my heart forever, but by my side no more.  Mimsey 11/06Mimsey Mimsey HolidayMimsey & DavidLast Day


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