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GPP Street Team Monthly Crusade- “Grids”

So this month the challenge was to work with grids.  Love ’em–they offer structure and yet you can make them any which way.  NO RULES!!!!  So, here are my 2 finished works…have a third that is still in progress, but wanted to make the July 1 deadline :).

This first one is in my journal and I just used Japanese paper tape to create an asymmetrical grid.  Then I went about filling the segments with all kinds of little things–punched shapes, grunge board shapes, a tiny tag, brads, and then gel crayons and touches of silver marker.

This second one is on watercolor paper and I used a handpainted/printed paper cut into strips to delineate the symmetrical grid.  In each segment I played with some paint, gel pens, graphite pencil, and more of the same paper.

Lots of fun! TFL.



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Dry Spell

So, I have continued to struggle with my motivation and inspiration.  I had done a bunch of pages in my journal, just prepping and backgrounds.  Then I noticed 2 in particular that stood out and made a connection for me.  I saw the pink/white petal-ly things and thought about all the things flying around me–the pear trees (I think) and cherry blossoms are all in bloom and blowing around.  I know that is a good thing for many: warmth, sun, spring, etc….Well for me it is misery.  My allergies are in full bloom and I’m ready to claw off my skin. It’s always a tough season and harder because everyone around me is so happy.  I hate to be a curmudgeon, but alas! I do think this has had an impact on my overall motivation and inspiration.  Good to know.  Just need to keep moving….I do thank all of you who have been so supportive and encouraging!

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Was looking over at Joyfullploys’ blog and got inspired by the faces…decided to try one of my own.


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Art Creations Friday

I’ve been really fortunate that I’ve had the past few Fridays to play along…Thanks for the fun!

Been trying to figure out how to add the original image and just can’t. It may be hard to identify the original in here…I just kept her face and her torso/dress to the knee…now she is a bathing beauty!


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Three Muses and Street Team Crusade #39

Three Muses’ challenge is to use a quote or quip and I recently discovered the monthly Street Team Crusade challenge site using snowflake masks and thought I’d combine the two.  The “Crusade” directs one to gesso the page, paint acrylics, and then use hand cut snowflakes as masks, later incorporating the cut snowflake into the page as well.  I then added a quote from Walter Scott, ” We build statues out of snow & weep to see them melt.”

Way more poetic than “making mountains out of molehills”….one of my specialities.


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No Art

I’ve been struggling with getting to my artwork…no that’s not fully accurate. I’ve begun several larger projects and I did take some photos to track the progression.  I just find myself putting off posting anything about the projects and images…now I’ve even lost track of where I saved some of the images.  I’m not sure if the resistance is about the projects themselves…several have had to take a back seat to pressing obligations, some I just haven’t had the time to work on.  OR, is it just about sharing things in their less-than-finished state.  Showing my messy process, artwork in it’s unfinished state that may never be finished, or may change radically.  Ultimately, I suppose I am talking about judgement.  How will I be judged? Yet that was what this blog was to be about, charting my progress, process, and opening up to feedback.

So what are the projects?  The most pressing one is my niece’s tallis (prayer shawl) for her bat mitzvah in October.  This is what has pushed several others off.  I began to weave one, and quickly realized my loom and my skills were not up to snuff!  Then, one of Mimsey’s last acts of destruction was to break the loom itself! So, plan b was to paint/dye silk and create.  Also something I’ve never done before…I do that a lot, decide to make something, then figure out how to.  I am moving along in that pretty well, and am pleased with the separate pieces, but need to dive into putting it together, and FAST!  On the back burner is a small altar in Mimsey’s memory…I actually have images of progress:

mimsshrine1 mimsshrine3a mimsshrine3

It’s far from finished, but here it is.  The other “on the back burner” is a larger painting I began, and stopped.

I realize I need to honor my process–here as I develop my blog, and in my artwork.  I may have real things pressing, I may be avoiding (love those challenges!), and that’s what it is for now.  Too many words today.  So it goes.

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Not much time today, but I want to start posting some of my images to share and create a “starting point”.  The things here today are from an altered catalog I did about a year ago.  A friend of mine and I began just drawing, painting, and collaging into catalogs we got in the mail.IMG_2524


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