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Uh Oh…..my bad.

I have been woefully neglectful.  Sometimes too much time creates a loss of focus for me.  No excuses, just mea culpas.  I have been neglectful of this space.  However, I have not been neglecting art….so there’s an upside, lots to catch up on.  I’ve been working on several journals, collages, and a few pieces I am working on to submit to CPS and Somerset Studio (so they will not be posted until I hear yea or nay).

To start, some  journal pages:

I still struggle with words…to add or not to add….As I look at them, the first page does feel like it needs written word and I think the second stands on it’s own.  The problem is even when it feels like words are needed I find myself at a loss, no words come to mind. Ahhh well, keep on keeping at it. TFL


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Valentine’s Day Gift Wrap

I love making my own wrapping paper…I think it started when we used the Sunday comics to wrap presents when I was a kid.  I’ll stamp, paint, draw, or do all three to transform plain paper (usually brown kraft) into something fun.  Even if I don’t do something with the paper, I’ll create an interesting fold or accessory in wrapping the gift.  This year I had the time to make some paper for my sweetie’s Valentine’s Day gift…

I painted large hearts, then drew small ones with gelly pens, added stickles dots and white enamel accent highlights.

I forgot to think about how small the gift box was and probably should have made the large hearts smaller and a smaller “pattern” overall. But I added more “sketched” white enamel accent hearts and placed the curling ribbon over an empty spot.  Overall I’m pleased, though it’s not my best, I had fun and it was all done with love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Recent pages

Just adding on more pages from my marble covered book journal.  Funny, the photo always causes me to see things differently.  Now I see the blue form under the boy as body-like, with a shoulder most prominent.  In the original, it looks more like he is peaking out over a wall of some sort.  This was a lot of random bits and pieces–magazine pictures, scrap wax paper used to protect surfaces, a birthday candle stamp, and then drawing, painting doodling on top.

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Measuring Up

Going through “a thing” right now, awaiting judgement from a committee about passing a final hoop to jump through in my career and it is not going smoothly.  This spread came about over the course of a few days adding and futzing with tape, pens, markers, & distressing ink.  When done I looked it and noticed the undeniable frenetic energy a depiction of the anxiety I am dealing with right now.  I do like the page, wish that was the end of the frantic feeling inside :).  That I happened to use measuring tape tape provided the perfect title “Measuring Up.”


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TGIF–Faces of a Femme Fatale

This week’s theme for TGIF challenge is Faces of a Femme Fatale.  I recently watched all the Teesha Moore (www.teeshascircus.blogspot.com/) videos on her journaling technique and just completed (?) my first try at her approach.

I’m not sure where “Grey Ladies” came from, but my associations are to all the wonderful women I have known, known of, or just met in passing who embrace who they are to the fullest.  I always connect the attitude with women who keep their grey hair.  Neither of my ladies here seem to have greys yet, but I’d like to think they will.  My grandmother, a teacher I never had and one I did, a neighbor….all kept their grey hair and wear it like a badge of honor.  I hope to be able to do so myself as I age.  So far, at 43, I have kept all that I have with pride.

The techniques of Teesha Moore’s were wonderful to play with.  I love a heavily layered and full surface, however I struggle with hesitating.  I tend to stop short.  Her approach has helped me to push past.  I still need to work at it and I am not 100% sure these ladies are completely done, but for now they are.  As I am, perhaps, they are evolving, always evolving…..Thanks for looking!


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