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Time in Miniature

Theme Thursday’s challenge is to create a miniature piece and One Powerful Hour’s challenge is “time”. Time is a favorite theme (and frequent struggle for me) and the restriction of creating small helped to make it feel “doable”.  I created this 3×3 “Forever”. The background paper is handpainted, the next grid image is one of my photographs taken several years ago at the Bronx Botanical Gardens.  I took the  photo of my husband and me also that same day at the gardens.  The “forever” lettering is from a book of USPS “forever” stamps.  Thanks for looking!



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One Powerful Hour challenged me this week to identify an inspirational word for 2010 and incorporate it into a piece.  Well, I am not one for resolutions but I do have some “soft goals” for the coming year.  I don’t like hard plans, goals, etc.  For me those things seem to invite interruption, disappointment, calamity…so I have things I want to work on/toward, but nothing set in stone.  To sum them up in one word is hard, but “Growth” comes pretty close.  I am near completion of a few major tasks in my life and itching to get started on ideas that have been brewing in my head.  It is hard to concentrate on finishing when I’m eager to move on, but I am learning that growth should be slow and steady even if a bit chaotic at times.

I may have cheated a bit on this challenge as the background was already done, so I definitely went over my hour limit!


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One Powerful Hour

This week’s challenge for One Powerful Hour was “autumn”.  Here is my “autumn leaves” ATC.



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One powerful hour challenge

Today One Powerful Hour’s challenge was “Boy or Girl”–as our host went off to find out whether she was carrying a boy or a girl.  My piece focuses one of the many old ways women tried to tell….we’ve gotten much better with the medical profession, but the old myths: carry in front boy; all over girl, swing a crystal, etc… definitely connected us all to the wondrous mystery of it all!


Can’t wait to hear just which…boy or girl?!


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