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Had time away from art (which was sad and painful!) so I got my fix by watching youtube videos.  I had already see all of Teesha Moore’s and so searching around I found many many more.  It definitely gave me a great shot of motivation and ideas.  So far I viewed Samantha Kira and am now working my way through Milliande’s videos, also saw “Little Glimpses”, “The One Minute Muse”, and “Willowing” videos.  Here are some of the pieces I’ve been doing in reaction to my viewing. I don’t think any individual piece comes from anyone artist’s video…they are just a mixture of influences and inspiration. I am thankful for these women for their computer skills allowing them to share their techniques, process, and artwork.  I am thrilled to see the numbers of artists out there…I firmly believe we are all artists; it is simply a matter of finding and nurturing that inner piece of the self that must express and communicate.

This spread is ready for writing….haven’t gotten to that yet, but she’s ready when I am!

And I’m not sure yet if this is finished.  I had planned to add painting, but as it got to this point I thought perhaps it was done.  I’m just going to leave it for now and revisit at a later date!


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Visual Journal Pieces

I just did this piece in my sketchbook.  Well, just completed it.  I’ve been starting and adding things to several pages slowly over time.  It is odd how some pages I easily go back to and keep at and others just don’t call to me. This one went very quickly, but still spread out over about 10 days.

One of the “orphans,” a page I just can’t connect with right now is:

It’s weird because I was very excited when I first glued down the papers and tag and soon went back to add the paint.  And then, I just stopped.  Each day I would look at it and pass it by.  It is certainly “cooler” than the one above, but that doesn’t seem to be the whole answer.  Not that I need one; I’m just curious about the different things and times I am inspired.


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