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In A Scrape–GPP Street Team Crusade #44

(Yay! I finally was able to upload the GPP image!)

Well, I’m really enjoying my scraping this month.  I often scrape my backgrounds, but with Michelle Ward’s challenge I’ve tried some new approaches as well.

I made 2 ATC backgrounds scraping a thin layer of several paints, then I used a Plaid rubber paint scraper with white paint.

I used a K&Company border to scrape paint through and create a thick pattern.  I then used the border itself on a  scraped ATC background.

Above is the border I used.  Below is the paper I created by scraping paint through it.

Below is the ATC with the rubber scraped background and the painted border on the bottom.

The other ATC I added papers also scraped with paint and cut up.  Details were added with Scribbles paint (no brushes!) and some confetti.

I then found a great place mat in a store going out of business.  It has this open pattern that I could scrape paint through thickly.

These are 2 different versions of scrapings through the place mat.  I love the thickness! Still haven’t found something to do with these papers…it will come though.

Then I created a collage using scraped papers and commercially printed ones.  The background was made with a mask created with a square punch.

…And another collage with a scraped background and photos and magazine picture.

THEN I made another ATC background scraping paint through an alphabet template and then adding scrabble letters.  I hope I was able to capture the thickness of the scraped letters:

And on and on…it’s hard to stop once I’ve started.  Needless to say I’ve had fun this month!  Below are some more photos of papers I’ve created  and haven’t yet used.  TFL!



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GPP Street Team Crusade No. 43–Text Messaging


Just in time, this time….I’ve got 2 pieces to share.  I’ve used text in many different ways and one of my favorites, I call “Ransom Poetry”.   I have piles of cut out words and then choose or pick randomly and arrange into a poem of sorts.  The cut and pasted words look like the classic ransom note, hence the title.

So my first includes images as well as text from magazines and a stamp:

The second is just cut out text:

Both, I’ve realized are about the same thing going on in my life right now.  Just a procedural hoop to jump through in my final days in a program and they are dragging on and challenging me in ways I wish they were not.  Alas, I don’t get to choose that :).  And so, I am moving toward fearlessness…at least tolerating the fear, perhaps.



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