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On View Now!

Been so excited, forgot to post the good news! I’ve been submitting pieces to a small works juried art show for the past 3 years and this year I finally got a piece accepted! It is about 6″x8″ gouache painting on paper entitled “The Undertoad”.  The gallery is 440 Gallery in Brooklyn, NY and every year they put on a great small works show, all pieces under 12″x12″ framed.  Over 600 pieces were submitted and about 70 were accepted, so I am honored to be chosen.



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Very Late Crusade :)

So I completely missed the August 1 GPP Street Team Crusade #42


BUT….I did it and tearing paper is not only one of my favorite things, but a major component of my art.  So late, schmate (as we say in NYC), here are a few pieces I worked on:

The background papers are painted with acrylics or gouache and the torn papers are mostly handpainted with a variety of paints and there are a few wallpaper and decorative papers thrown in.   All are small format no larger than 5×7″.



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Saturday Lot’s To Do challenge was backgrounds this week…I so enjoy making backgrounds I sometimes have a hard time using them.

The ones above were all in my journal.  Below are several scrap papers I worked on that will be used in collage or atcs.

Please feel free to use any background I’ve posted today that you might like either in whole or in part.  I’d love to see what is created if anything!


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Wow, I’d forgotten how tiring a new dog can be! He is doing great, though terrified of noises outside and very shy inside.  Working with him in slow and steady ways to gently let Batllo know he’s in a forever home and safe has been by sole focus lately.  That and my niece’s tallis (updates will come in the next few weeks).  I have managed to squeeze in a few moments of artwork.  I’ve taken to doing torn paper collages on gouache painted backgrounds:

untitled collage

untitled collage2

They are both small format pieces: 5″x7″.  I’m not sure where I’m going with these…there’s something about the busyness and blocks of color I’m enjoying.  Some end up feeling like portraits others like still lives or even landscapes. Of course any input/feedback would be most welcome!

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One powerful hour challenge

Today One Powerful Hour’s challenge was “Boy or Girl”–as our host went off to find out whether she was carrying a boy or a girl.  My piece focuses one of the many old ways women tried to tell….we’ve gotten much better with the medical profession, but the old myths: carry in front boy; all over girl, swing a crystal, etc… definitely connected us all to the wondrous mystery of it all!


Can’t wait to hear just which…boy or girl?!


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Both Mixed Media Monday and the Inchy by Inch challenges had “stitches” as their themes.


I worked on a gouache background stitching by hand around curves and lines.  I added a square of fabric and 2 inchies…one hanging freely–the lower one.  I enjoy stitching on paper and mixing soft and hard materials.  This one feels still, a bit “hard” and at the same time it felt done.  Thanks for looking!


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Yesterday I went back to work.  One of the things I do is paint with seniors.  This is what  I did while side-by-side painting with a woman in her 90’s.  It’s simple and sketchy.  I usually paint abstractly, but somehow the flowers and curtain made their way in.

Gouache painting from 7/20/09
These are a bit more like what I usually do, though neither feels like a finished piece.  Perhaps they will get put into a collage or used as a background….
gouache painting from 7/20/09
gouache paintings from  7/20/09

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