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Playing….catch up

Another fairly recent journal page

Just a fun collage and tape entry.


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Zen Tangle Challenge-The Space Between

I have been obsessively tangling lately–no time even to post, must tangle ūüôā

But in search of inspiration….draw too much water and the well does begin to run dry…I hopped over to the Diva’s zen tangle challenge blog (see the roll on the right) and saw this week the challenge was to work with the white space, the space between all those little lines…I needed to work on breathing space indeed and this one just created itself for me:



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Valentine’s Day Gift Wrap

I love making my own wrapping paper…I think it started when we used the Sunday comics to wrap presents when I was a kid. ¬†I’ll stamp, paint, draw, or do all three to transform plain paper (usually brown kraft) into something fun. ¬†Even if I don’t do something with the paper, I’ll create an interesting fold or accessory in wrapping the gift. ¬†This year I had the time to make some paper for my sweetie’s Valentine’s Day gift…

I painted large hearts, then drew small ones with gelly pens, added stickles dots and white enamel accent highlights.

I forgot to think about how small the gift box was and probably should have made the large hearts smaller and a smaller “pattern” overall. But I added more “sketched” white enamel accent hearts and placed the curling ribbon over an empty spot. ¬†Overall I’m pleased, though it’s not my best, I had fun and it was all done with love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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New Projects, but don’t forget the old

Don’t know why, but I have been having a hard time getting myself to post updates. ¬†Perhaps it is because, once again, I have begun a new project. ¬†I’ve started a new facebook page for my “day job”…feel free to stop by if you’d like: “arttherapyinfo” is the name of the business page.

I have been busy on my journal, however and will spend some time catching up with posts.

This is a journal page I worked on while trying to figure out my next step to keep building my private practice. ¬†The main image of the ferris wheel is a photo I took a few years ago while at Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. ¬†The title “All Roads” does come from “all roads lead to Rome”, it has been a theme in my life in such unusual ways that it has become a motto. ‘Nuf said.

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Measuring Up

Going through “a thing” right now, awaiting judgement from a committee about passing a final hoop to jump through in my career and it is not going smoothly. ¬†This spread came about over the course of a few days adding and futzing with tape, pens, markers, & distressing ink. ¬†When done I looked it and noticed the undeniable frenetic energy a depiction of the anxiety I am dealing with right now. ¬†I do like the page, wish that was the end of the frantic feeling inside :). ¬†That I happened to use measuring tape tape provided the perfect title “Measuring Up.”


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Grid–1 day late

I did finally finish my 3rd grid for the GPP Street Monthly Art Crusade, ok, it’s July, but I wanted to share it anyway. ¬†This one was again an asymmetrical grid that I filled in as a Zen doodle.

It’s a little too busy I think, but I’m ok with it overall. ¬†I liked adding the few bits of color. ¬†I also did a few segments playing with a new doodle style–I’m not sure how well they fit with the others. ¬†I’ll be posting some more of that shortly. ¬†Even though this “crusade” is over, I’m tempted to keep this little journal a grid journal. ¬†I have never stuck to any kind of theme throughout a book, so this might be a challenge, but I’m liking the idea so far! Thanks to Michelle Ward of GPP Street Team for the inspiration.


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GPP Street Team Monthly Crusade- “Grids”

So this month the challenge was to work with grids. ¬†Love ’em–they offer structure and yet you can make them any which way. ¬†NO RULES!!!! ¬†So, here are my 2 finished works…have a third that is still in progress, but wanted to make the July 1 deadline :).

This first one is in my journal and I just used Japanese paper tape to create an asymmetrical grid. ¬†Then I went about filling the segments with all kinds of little things–punched shapes, grunge board shapes, a tiny tag, brads, and then gel crayons and touches of silver marker.

This second one is on watercolor paper and I used a handpainted/printed paper cut into strips to delineate the symmetrical grid.  In each segment I played with some paint, gel pens, graphite pencil, and more of the same paper.

Lots of fun! TFL.


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