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New ATC, new technique, for me.

I  actually have been working on a lot of cards lately, just not scanning and posting.  Here is the last one I did manage to scan.  The people are each on cardstock that can be slipped out or tucked in and the “bed” is a small first time playing with needle felting.

I am now addicted to needle felting beads….



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Baby Blanket done and delivered!

I did finally finish the baby blanket for my niece’s first child (that makes me sound way too old!).  It was my first attempt to play with freeform crochet.  The center is all freeform and then I framed it all with several rows of popcorn stitch and finished it with 2 rows of single crochet.  All it all I was pleased, but feel I have a long way to go to really get the hang of it!  I’m hoping they are happy with it.  I think it is an “acquired taste” very far from the traditional baby blanket, but that is very much me 🙂


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Mixed Media Stuff

Thought I would post a group of mixed media canvasses I recently completed.  They were not accepted to  a show, but I’m quite happy with them anyway. They are small–5×5″ with acrylic paint, freeform crochet mixed yarns, glass slides, tissue paper, and crackle paints.

Thanks for looking!

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Theme Thursday

This week at Theme Thursday the theme was bookmarks.

This is not the best photo, but here is a better detail.  I’d just gotten home from my Thanksgiving travels with a bunch of fabric sample books my sister-in-law scored from a friend.  There were so many to choose from, but I realized I wanted something fairly simple to then add to.  I chose a striped blue cotton and then printed a stamp several times (Inkadinkado, gemstones) and then small bubble wrap with light gold paint.  I cut a spiral out of angelina and added a small border of angelina as well, then hand stitched it all down.  This was my first foray into angelina and I found I really liked just creating sheets of it to then cut up.  I’m excited to use the bookmark too….I’m in the middle of  Robertson Davies’ Cornish Trilogy.  Thanks for looking!


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Tallis completed!

This has been a crazy week and it’s only Tuesday.  I will not be able to post again until next week, but wanted to post the final pictures of the finished tallis.


tallisfull tallisb

The beading along the bottom is hard to see, and the tzitzits (fringes at the bottom 4 corners) are lost as well.  The top photo shows the beading around the neck piece (it is the same on the bottom).  It has been seen and approved by the bat mitzvah girl, so we are all set! This weekend is the happy event, so I will sign off for this week and hopefully be back for art and challenges, etc. starting next Monday!

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Tallis Update

So, I am coming along on the tallis making…the prayer shawl for my niece’s bat mitzvah. I can’t believe it is is only 3 1/2 weeks away!

kara'stallis913b kara'stallis913

The image on top shows how the shawl will come over her shoulders and her arms. (Ignore the white mesh….that is just from the sweater dryer I had the piece on).  You can see the beading up close on the bottom detail image.  I am happy with the rusching of the blue/green silk, though I have some concerns of how long it will last until it frays apart completely! I also haven’t decided what other areas I may bead.  As I work, I’ll figure those things out.  Overall, I’m really happy, hope she will be too!

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Big projects

Ok, so I am pressing forward with big projects.  Here is the beginning of my niece’s tallis.  I’ve dyed the silk and now am working on adding rusching (?). Still a ways to go…but making progress!

karatallit karatallisb

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