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I interrupt this art blog….

Can’t help being a proud Mama….Barley found his twin on Sunday and played all morning her….Billy a 10 year old jack mix too….The wonderful pictures from that day are compliments of my husband…Barley is the one without a tail.  Baci, another friend, makes a brief appearance as the mostly white dog checking out the play.

b&b4 b&b5

b&b6 b3

There is NOTHING better than a tired dog!


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Should be working

Oh, I should be working…much to do.  Instead, I played with a bunch of new “toys”–fun new markers from the drugstore that make a little donut shape, a paint dabber, new stamp (old one too!), “mixatives”, and metal tape…..


I mostly made a mess, and had a great time! And now, of course, it’s lunchtime and the dog needs a walk…Oh which reminds me….the dog has had a name change…the dog formerly known as Batllo is now and forever more BARLEY.  So, work is not getting done.  Nope, not at all.  Can’t even get myself to do a challenge! I guess I just want to fly on my own today, no rules, no directions.

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