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Art Creations Friday

Here is what I did with the Art Creations Friday photo.  I printed the photo out in black and white and then a mirror image and cut out the background.  The background is handpainted and the photos are hand colored with copic markers. Thanks for stopping by!



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Too Precious

Art Creations Friday offered an image and I immediately knew what my 100th post was.  This little boy was sweet and yet had a devilish side.  He reminded me of many of the men in my life and I could not help but play with him as they might.  Please, I hope no one takes offense.  I have been dithering about my 100th post and realized I’d made it too precious and needed to just post.  I needed to let myself play and let it all fall together.  So, here is my take on Art Creations Friday (a bit late, perhaps) and my 100th post. I struggled with both making it all too precious: the sweet boy, posting, and I realized this is about play and I just needed to let go.  I began to play and have fun with the image and the idea of posting.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, for this post, I will be offering a free give away.  Anyone interested in receiving a free collection of original background papers (8″x 10″ and smaller) please respond to this post and I will randomly choose a winner.  Please make sure your post allows me to link to your blog or includes your email.

He is a little devil, we all need a little devilishness sometimes!


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Art Creations Friday

I’ve been really fortunate that I’ve had the past few Fridays to play along…Thanks for the fun!

Been trying to figure out how to add the original image and just can’t. It may be hard to identify the original in here…I just kept her face and her torso/dress to the knee…now she is a bathing beauty!


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Art Creations Friday

A background and photo were part of this week’s challenge from Art Creations Friday.

After I did this one I played with my new Japanese tapes on the back of the page and ended up using the girl again:

I am enjoying the tapes quite a bit, 2 of my journal entries from earlier in the week deal much with my desire to play with the new toys I have and yet struggling to feel playful.  Today’s prompt from ACF was quite helpful to get “my play on”!


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Athena-goddess of wisdom, war, and craftsmanship

This was an image of a girl on a bench with a bouquet  of flowers offered at Art Creations Friday challenge….

Blown up several time and a few changes here and there and she is transformed into Athena goddess of wisdom and craftsmanship.  I had no plans to create her, but as I colored and altered that is who emerged.


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