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Very Late Crusade :)

So I completely missed the August 1 GPP Street Team Crusade #42


BUT….I did it and tearing paper is not only one of my favorite things, but a major component of my art.  So late, schmate (as we say in NYC), here are a few pieces I worked on:

The background papers are painted with acrylics or gouache and the torn papers are mostly handpainted with a variety of paints and there are a few wallpaper and decorative papers thrown in.   All are small format no larger than 5×7″.




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This journal entry began with an old credit card cut up and glued to page.  It sat and sat for several weeks.  It found its form as I processed through an argument that boiled down to issues of responsibility….The words “give credit, take credit where due” just popped up so I used my foam alphabet stamps to spell it out.

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