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Stitching added

So, my friend Steph’s comment on the last blog entry was to try some stitching….and since she is usually right with these things, I tried it out.  So here are the 2 pages, with stitching around parts of the edges and I think they are finished. Thanks Steph!



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Journal Pages, stuck

These 2 are side by side…neither feels fully finished, but I’m stuck here.  Any input?

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Journal Page

A journal page with a favorite photo I took years ago.  The photo on the left of the page I took looking through a tunnel at Central Park near the Bethesda Fountain.  There was a man playing an instrument in an unusual costume that everyone is looking at.  I just love the way the light floods in.  The geometric image along the top is a Frank Lloyd Wright piece.  The other images are from magazines.  The brown framing is Japanese paper tape.

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Using Scraped Paper

You may recognize the orange/yellow painted paper and the boarder trims from the previous post. Here I used them along with a cut out from an art magazine in my mini journal.

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Recent pages

Just adding on more pages from my marble covered book journal.  Funny, the photo always causes me to see things differently.  Now I see the blue form under the boy as body-like, with a shoulder most prominent.  In the original, it looks more like he is peaking out over a wall of some sort.  This was a lot of random bits and pieces–magazine pictures, scrap wax paper used to protect surfaces, a birthday candle stamp, and then drawing, painting doodling on top.

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