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Stitching added

So, my friend Steph’s comment on the last blog entry was to try some stitching….and since she is usually right with these things, I tried it out.  So here are the 2 pages, with stitching around parts of the edges and I think they are finished. Thanks Steph!



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Journal Pages, stuck

These 2 are side by side…neither feels fully finished, but I’m stuck here.  Any input?

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Journal Page

A journal page with a favorite photo I took years ago.  The photo on the left of the page I took looking through a tunnel at Central Park near the Bethesda Fountain.  There was a man playing an instrument in an unusual costume that everyone is looking at.  I just love the way the light floods in.  The geometric image along the top is a Frank Lloyd Wright piece.  The other images are from magazines.  The brown framing is Japanese paper tape.

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Playing….catch up

Another fairly recent journal page

Just a fun collage and tape entry.

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Uh Oh… bad.

I have been woefully neglectful.  Sometimes too much time creates a loss of focus for me.  No excuses, just mea culpas.  I have been neglectful of this space.  However, I have not been neglecting art….so there’s an upside, lots to catch up on.  I’ve been working on several journals, collages, and a few pieces I am working on to submit to CPS and Somerset Studio (so they will not be posted until I hear yea or nay).

To start, some  journal pages:

I still struggle with words…to add or not to add….As I look at them, the first page does feel like it needs written word and I think the second stands on it’s own.  The problem is even when it feels like words are needed I find myself at a loss, no words come to mind. Ahhh well, keep on keeping at it. TFL

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New Projects, but don’t forget the old

Don’t know why, but I have been having a hard time getting myself to post updates.  Perhaps it is because, once again, I have begun a new project.  I’ve started a new facebook page for my “day job”…feel free to stop by if you’d like: “arttherapyinfo” is the name of the business page.

I have been busy on my journal, however and will spend some time catching up with posts.

This is a journal page I worked on while trying to figure out my next step to keep building my private practice.  The main image of the ferris wheel is a photo I took a few years ago while at Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.  The title “All Roads” does come from “all roads lead to Rome”, it has been a theme in my life in such unusual ways that it has become a motto. ‘Nuf said.

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Journal Updates

It’s been a while since I posted some journal pages….here are a few….

This one (above) I worked on just after the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  It was a powerful day, but in ways I did not expect.

This one I’m still not sure if it is finished…

This was just playing with watercolor crayons on top of gesso and playing with stamps.

And finally, this was worked and reworked page of frustration.  It very much reflected my feelings so finally I let it be!

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