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New Year’s Post

I keep seeing New Year’s posts from so many–their messages of hope and goals for the new year.  It’s funny…January  has never really felt like the start of the year.  The Jewish New Year in in the fall, right around the start of school.  I’ve been influenced more years than not by the school year calendar, even at 44, that fall always feels like the beginning for me.  I’m not a resolution maker–I hate making promises that I can’t keep, and for me goals don’t really work.  Don’t get me wrong…I’ve achieved a fair amount in this life.  I have a master’s degree, I am completing  a post-master’s program, I have a thriving (though somewhat struggling at this moment) business, a successful marriage, and a wonderful dog. I own my postage stamp apt in NYC with a view of the Empire State building, not bad, huh? And not one of those things came from a clear and articulated goal–so I don’t make them.  I do tend to review the past–it’s been a challenging year.  My husband’s job has become increasingly stressful, my business has taken some hits,  we’ve needed to scale back on recreation, and extended family is ailing.  Still, our home is secure, our heads are above water, our health has been good, and our dog is a delight! I am very thankful.  I’m thankful and hopeful.  While I’ve embraced an identity as an artist, I have not made it my main focus.  I have increased my focus in the last 18 months and it has shown–this blog while not utilized to the fullest, is satisfying to me; I’ve had 2 pieces accepted into juried shows and that has been thrilling; and I’m working on a body of work.  Again, thankful and hopeful.

As the new year starts, I carry on.  I know that as I move forward a pattern evolves and looking back periodically allows me to see the pattern and fuels my hope for the future.  I keep my “future” thoughts fairly near the present–I work at not looking too far ahead.  I have no crystal ball and like to keep it that way.

Wishing you all peace.


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Stressful times call for….

Times are tough right now so I’m finding myself turning to the zen tangle for respite.

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A Koan, of sorts.

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New Doodle Style

So a few weeks ago I went to a conference (Daniel Seigel & Norman Doige on brain plasticity–fabulous), and as I usually do, I doodled.  Recently I had also re-viewed a video on youtube on doodling ( and played with some of Marieke’s approach (top of first page) and then adapted to be more “me” like.  The third one I am very happy with–using Marieke’s basic forms I’ve made them grungier and less sweet.

(Just a note on the “Be Agnostic About It” was a phrase Dr. Doige spoke several times in a way that seemed unusual and novel.  It was in regards to not knowing the answer to something, that we don’t yet have the data to determine an answer so “we must be agnostic about it.” As it struck me, I used it to doodle with.)

And this is the final “New Doodle Style Grungey Swirls Dark Elaborate.


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Playing with new…finding old news.

Playing with new toys–a block stamp from Aladine Co. and new tape–packing tape with barbed wire and measuring tape tape.  I added a background wash of watercolor paint and used my letter stamps.  Playing allowed more of the funk to be processed.  That did not take away anything from the playing and I’m really enjoying this page.  I keep it propped up at my desk and can see it most of the day.  This is the last page in this journal and I have a small one started already, but I’ll see if I start another larger one too….

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Recent Journal Page–working through funk

A journal page that began with lots of odds and ends leftover from several projects….random stamping and some watercolor paints.  It was so clear to me when I was done…I don’t always get that.  I felt completely satisfied.  I don’t know that it is much more that just an accurate depiction of my inner state….and that’s enough for me right now.

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Here is my ATC using scissored and torn triangles.  There is a variety of hand painted, hand colored, and magazine papers with additional accents in colored pencil and markers.

I am planning to fund raise for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and I will be creating small format art with envelopes mounted on a flat card that can be framed or used as a note card.  For each $10 (US) donation, I will send out one handmade art card, signed and dated as a thank you.  More details and photos of samples to come, but anyone interested now, please cut and paste this link to my Avon Walk page.  In the form make sure you leave me your address so I can send along your artwork! Thank you for looking!


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