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Uh Oh… bad.

I have been woefully neglectful.  Sometimes too much time creates a loss of focus for me.  No excuses, just mea culpas.  I have been neglectful of this space.  However, I have not been neglecting art….so there’s an upside, lots to catch up on.  I’ve been working on several journals, collages, and a few pieces I am working on to submit to CPS and Somerset Studio (so they will not be posted until I hear yea or nay).

To start, some  journal pages:

I still struggle with words…to add or not to add….As I look at them, the first page does feel like it needs written word and I think the second stands on it’s own.  The problem is even when it feels like words are needed I find myself at a loss, no words come to mind. Ahhh well, keep on keeping at it. TFL


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Valentine’s Day Gift Wrap

I love making my own wrapping paper…I think it started when we used the Sunday comics to wrap presents when I was a kid.  I’ll stamp, paint, draw, or do all three to transform plain paper (usually brown kraft) into something fun.  Even if I don’t do something with the paper, I’ll create an interesting fold or accessory in wrapping the gift.  This year I had the time to make some paper for my sweetie’s Valentine’s Day gift…

I painted large hearts, then drew small ones with gelly pens, added stickles dots and white enamel accent highlights.

I forgot to think about how small the gift box was and probably should have made the large hearts smaller and a smaller “pattern” overall. But I added more “sketched” white enamel accent hearts and placed the curling ribbon over an empty spot.  Overall I’m pleased, though it’s not my best, I had fun and it was all done with love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Mini book

So after seeing several mini book youtube videos I got a little hooked.  I’ve been playing with creating small books with used envelopes or cereal boxes and painting, stitching, covering, etc.  It’s fun.  There’s one small problem.  I don’t have any use for them.  I mean I don’t have any impulse to write in them or add photos.  They end up being empty albums.  I struggled with what to do…and then came up with an answer….RAK.  I’ve decided to leave them in public areas to be found by someone.  The cereal box one is harder to leave, but my first one is ready to go.  I’ve taken photos to keep a record of what I’ve done and what I’m sending out into the world.


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It’s taken me awhile to finally download a bunch of photos from my camera including the napkin rings I made for one of my sister’s in law.  I’m not a practiced X-mas participant and I have found the last few years of buying a $25 gift card and passing to the left rather unsatisfying.  So this year when on the list of items wanted I saw “decorative napkin rings” I was just thrilled! Off I went to Michaels in search of the perfect materials to make some….I had no idea just what that would be, but roaming the isles I found a bag of leather strips and a bag of bells.  I knew I had beads and wire at home and before I knew it 3 sets of three rings were born.  Three white leather, three black leather, and three tan leather. The white and the black  are shown below.  It was so much fun to make something and I vowed next year I would come up with something to ask for and not perpetuate the soulless gift card pass along!

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New ATC, new technique, for me.

I  actually have been working on a lot of cards lately, just not scanning and posting.  Here is the last one I did manage to scan.  The people are each on cardstock that can be slipped out or tucked in and the “bed” is a small first time playing with needle felting.

I am now addicted to needle felting beads….


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New Small Works Collage

Playing with some handpainted backgrounds, photos, fabric bits, and magazine pictures resulted in:

It kind of surprised me coming together as it did, but I’m quite happy with it. It is a small works piece….5 x 7.

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Journal Updates

It’s been a while since I posted some journal pages….here are a few….

This one (above) I worked on just after the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  It was a powerful day, but in ways I did not expect.

This one I’m still not sure if it is finished…

This was just playing with watercolor crayons on top of gesso and playing with stamps.

And finally, this was worked and reworked page of frustration.  It very much reflected my feelings so finally I let it be!

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