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On View Now!

Been so excited, forgot to post the good news! I’ve been submitting pieces to a small works juried art show for the past 3 years and this year I finally got a piece accepted! It is about 6″x8″ gouache painting on paper entitled “The Undertoad”.  The gallery is 440 Gallery in Brooklyn, NY and every year they put on a great small works show, all pieces under 12″x12″ framed.  Over 600 pieces were submitted and about 70 were accepted, so I am honored to be chosen.



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Hanging back

These past few days I worked on some small gouache paintings.  I’m struggling with them as they each feel like backgrounds, not really finished pieces that stand on their own.  Yet, I’m stuck…I don’t seem to find anything for the foreground.  I stare at them and nothing comes to mind….I’m ok with them remaining abstract, though still there is something missing, I think.  Then again, I suppose that is how I’m feeling these days, something is missing. Anyway, here they are…feedback of all kinds would be greatly appreciated!

Untitled (Breach)

Untitled (feathered)

 Untitled (hazyspot) Oddly, scanned in they look better to me…all are gouache on watercolor paper, about 5 1/2″ x 7 1/2″ (the middle one longer, about 9″).

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Yesterday I went back to work.  One of the things I do is paint with seniors.  This is what  I did while side-by-side painting with a woman in her 90’s.  It’s simple and sketchy.  I usually paint abstractly, but somehow the flowers and curtain made their way in.

Gouache painting from 7/20/09
These are a bit more like what I usually do, though neither feels like a finished piece.  Perhaps they will get put into a collage or used as a background….
gouache painting from 7/20/09
gouache paintings from  7/20/09

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