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Journal Pages, stuck

These 2 are side by side…neither feels fully finished, but I’m stuck here.  Any input?


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Journal Page

A journal page with a favorite photo I took years ago.  The photo on the left of the page I took looking through a tunnel at Central Park near the Bethesda Fountain.  There was a man playing an instrument in an unusual costume that everyone is looking at.  I just love the way the light floods in.  The geometric image along the top is a Frank Lloyd Wright piece.  The other images are from magazines.  The brown framing is Japanese paper tape.

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Uh Oh… bad.

I have been woefully neglectful.  Sometimes too much time creates a loss of focus for me.  No excuses, just mea culpas.  I have been neglectful of this space.  However, I have not been neglecting art….so there’s an upside, lots to catch up on.  I’ve been working on several journals, collages, and a few pieces I am working on to submit to CPS and Somerset Studio (so they will not be posted until I hear yea or nay).

To start, some  journal pages:

I still struggle with words…to add or not to add….As I look at them, the first page does feel like it needs written word and I think the second stands on it’s own.  The problem is even when it feels like words are needed I find myself at a loss, no words come to mind. Ahhh well, keep on keeping at it. TFL

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New Projects, but don’t forget the old

Don’t know why, but I have been having a hard time getting myself to post updates.  Perhaps it is because, once again, I have begun a new project.  I’ve started a new facebook page for my “day job”…feel free to stop by if you’d like: “arttherapyinfo” is the name of the business page.

I have been busy on my journal, however and will spend some time catching up with posts.

This is a journal page I worked on while trying to figure out my next step to keep building my private practice.  The main image of the ferris wheel is a photo I took a few years ago while at Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.  The title “All Roads” does come from “all roads lead to Rome”, it has been a theme in my life in such unusual ways that it has become a motto. ‘Nuf said.

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Using Scraped Paper

You may recognize the orange/yellow painted paper and the boarder trims from the previous post. Here I used them along with a cut out from an art magazine in my mini journal.

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Dive in or Fly

A recent journal page that started out with just playing with some new things: paper doilies, journal spot stamps, and ink.  The little girl cut from a magazine placed as she is just clarified what the piece was about for me–dive in or fly.

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Very Late Crusade :)

So I completely missed the August 1 GPP Street Team Crusade #42


BUT….I did it and tearing paper is not only one of my favorite things, but a major component of my art.  So late, schmate (as we say in NYC), here are a few pieces I worked on:

The background papers are painted with acrylics or gouache and the torn papers are mostly handpainted with a variety of paints and there are a few wallpaper and decorative papers thrown in.   All are small format no larger than 5×7″.



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