I am an artist and creative creature…I have collected strings, papers, little gems on the street since I could put pointer and thumb together and grasp.  I hope to make this a visual journal of the creative efforts I make as I move along in this life.  I appreciate and welcome your comments and feedback.  Please join me in this journey and share with me your insights.


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  1. SEB

    Hi, allmimsey:

    Thanks for your comment on “Long French Dinner.” About making a tallit, I have to start by saying I am not a rabbi, so depending on how orthodox you want to be, you might want to consult one. (It’s not clear to me from your comment whether you’re Jewish yourself, so forgive me if I’m telling you what you already know.) I consulted several sources before designing my tallit. As I understand it, according to halachah the tallit is just the vehicle for the tzitzit (the tassels), so the only requirement is that it have four corners (“arba kanfot”). I’ve heard of someone using a Mexican serape, and someone in my congregation uses a batik sarong. So you can put whatever you like on it, as long as it has four corners (i.e. don’t make a semicircular one). The only other thing to remember is that it is forbidden to combine wool and linen in the same garment. All other fibers are fine (say, wool and silk, or whatever). The important restrictions are on the tzitzit themselves. The thread you use for them must be spun lishmo (“with intent,” i.e. specifically to be used as tzitzit) – you can buy tzitzit sets in many online Judaica stores, and they’re often available in either wool or cotton. Some include a string of “tekhelet” (blue, basically) but there is some controversy over whether this is required (the ancient recipe for the dye is lost), and sometimes the tekhelet strands you get tend to run when washed, so be careful. And they are tied in a very particular pattern, after saying a prayer. Again, there are many online resources that will teach you how to tie tzitzit. It’s not hard, it just has to be done in a particular way.

    Hope this helps!

    • allmimsey

      Thank you so much…I am aware of most of the rules, but was just unsure of added decorative elements. I am using only silk, so that is safe and have a resource for the tzitzit. I expect I will be done in a few weeks and will probably post the results. Again thanks for your info!

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