Zen Tangle Challenge-The Space Between

I have been obsessively tangling lately–no time even to post, must tangle 🙂

But in search of inspiration….draw too much water and the well does begin to run dry…I hopped over to the Diva’s zen tangle challenge blog (see the roll on the right) and saw this week the challenge was to work with the white space, the space between all those little lines…I needed to work on breathing space indeed and this one just created itself for me:




Filed under Zen Tangle/Doodle

6 responses to “Zen Tangle Challenge-The Space Between

  1. welcome!! love your tile!

  2. carol Taylor

    fab, just like 2 little planets 🙂 thanks for you comment on my blog, there are lots of sources of patterns but this blog prompts to new patterns often:

  3. Your tile is fascinating! Has a ‘through-the-looking-glass’ sort of feel to it. There’s a wonderful balance of curves and straight lines – very nice ;-0

  4. This is a fun tangle, I really like the textures you’ve created surrounding your loops. I bet there are wonderful things to see through these looking glasses!

  5. Well done and welcome! I look forward to more of your tangles. 🙂

  6. I love this zentangle…warning…they are very addicting 🙂

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