It’s taken me awhile to finally download a bunch of photos from my camera including the napkin rings I made for one of my sister’s in law.  I’m not a practiced X-mas participant and I have found the last few years of buying a $25 gift card and passing to the left rather unsatisfying.  So this year when on the list of items wanted I saw “decorative napkin rings” I was just thrilled! Off I went to Michaels in search of the perfect materials to make some….I had no idea just what that would be, but roaming the isles I found a bag of leather strips and a bag of bells.  I knew I had beads and wire at home and before I knew it 3 sets of three rings were born.  Three white leather, three black leather, and three tan leather. The white and the black  are shown below.  It was so much fun to make something and I vowed next year I would come up with something to ask for and not perpetuate the soulless gift card pass along!


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