New ATC, new technique, for me.

I  actually have been working on a lot of cards lately, just not scanning and posting.  Here is the last one I did manage to scan.  The people are each on cardstock that can be slipped out or tucked in and the “bed” is a small first time playing with needle felting.

I am now addicted to needle felting beads….



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4 responses to “New ATC, new technique, for me.

  1. ohhhh LOVE needle felting!!!! It was amazing to use as a medium through my divorce!!! and the wool was like playing with the hair I didn’t have while going through chemo…analysis by an art therapist to an art therapist 🙂 Jodi

    • allmimsey

      Sounds like great way to get the aggression out! I was surprised that I liked working with the wool–I don’t tolerate wool too much and so don’t usually work with it, but these small amounts seem to be ok.

  2. I read your overview of your achievements and I was impressed…good for you! I don’t get over as often as I’d like…your atc’s are wonderful and cute! Felting looks so fun…I’ve seen bags and other things done with the wool.
    Have a great 2011!

  3. this is such a cute idea! I’d never thought of interactive ATCs.

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