Creative ADD

Now it’s not that I haven’t been working on things, actually maybe it’s that I’ve been so distracted by so many little projects that I’ve neglected the blog.  I think I suffer from creative attention deficit disorder….I look at the artists who have clear visions and explore every side of a technique, a theme, etc.  They make it their life’s work and it is awesome.  I mean, Monet and those waterlillies…that was focus.  Me, I flit from one shiny bit to another.  I try to embrace this character trait of mine.  I am pleased that so much attracts and inspires me.  I take Matisse as my great hero (though no one could say he “dabbled” in anything, just mastered it all!).  And then there come those moments when I see the outcomes of my work and the dramatic differences, they don’t “hang” together.  Or when I look into my art supply basket and see three skeins of embroidery thread, a roll of duct tape, a fluid acrylic tube in cadmium deep, 2 fine watercolor brushes and 3 sheets of self-adhesive sparkley bling and I think—what?  The cashier looks at me oddly and I think defensively, “I have different projects for each of these…then again I think I could use them all together too!”

As evidence….I submit the following: These are ATCs I made for a swap on the artisttradingcard yahoo group.  (It is the “baggie swap” where each participant sends in baggies filled with card making stuff and another person makes the card.  Afterward you receive a card made out of the things you sent in the baggie.)

Now it is true, I was obligated to use the materials given in some way…however everyone one allowed for adding your own and not using all of theirs…and indeed I’ve done just that and yet they seem so distinct from one another and if someone showed them to me I’d believe they were each made by different people.  So am I versatile? bizarrely Zelig-esque? Creative attentionally deficient is my verdict.


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