GPP Street Team Crusade No. 43–Text Messaging


Just in time, this time….I’ve got 2 pieces to share.  I’ve used text in many different ways and one of my favorites, I call “Ransom Poetry”.   I have piles of cut out words and then choose or pick randomly and arrange into a poem of sorts.  The cut and pasted words look like the classic ransom note, hence the title.

So my first includes images as well as text from magazines and a stamp:

The second is just cut out text:

Both, I’ve realized are about the same thing going on in my life right now.  Just a procedural hoop to jump through in my final days in a program and they are dragging on and challenging me in ways I wish they were not.  Alas, I don’t get to choose that :).  And so, I am moving toward fearlessness…at least tolerating the fear, perhaps.




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7 responses to “GPP Street Team Crusade No. 43–Text Messaging

  1. Gail – bravo for getting done before the deadline! Love your term ‘ransom poetry’. Clever. Thanks for sharing with the team!

  2. Gail – you asked about the red x in the box – I’m guessing that occurs because it looks like you are attempting to insert an image that is a hotlink to my site – in other words, you haven’t saved the crusade image to your computer, and uploaded as you would your other images. Maybe try that??

  3. Love your pages!! Cool text and images. Also: congrats on your ‘Fearless’ approach.

  4. Like the idea of “ransom poetry” or should it be “random” ; either way, I remember way back when, David Bowie being interviewed when he first had a hit, saying that he used random phrases from various publications. I even wrote some song lyrics by this technique. But mine seemed to sound like random utterings, not at all like his lyrics

  5. I like your entries for the text crusade 🙂 …sorry I didn’t come by sooner…now, on to the next one…Cheers!

  6. Both these are great but the second one really gets me with its message. That blue background is so vibrant – love it.

  7. Beautiful pages ! Isn’t it wonderful, how your work reflects a moment in your life ? I love them.

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