Very Late Crusade :)

So I completely missed the August 1 GPP Street Team Crusade #42


BUT….I did it and tearing paper is not only one of my favorite things, but a major component of my art.  So late, schmate (as we say in NYC), here are a few pieces I worked on:

The background papers are painted with acrylics or gouache and the torn papers are mostly handpainted with a variety of paints and there are a few wallpaper and decorative papers thrown in.   All are small format no larger than 5×7″.




Filed under challenge, collage art

5 responses to “Very Late Crusade :)

  1. Gail, hope you had a grand vacation! Bravo for getting this done, regardless of the timing! Love that you tried it multiple times. I particularly like the second one. Lots of great color and it makes me want to figure out all the components. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m glad you shared this, even if later than others! I like these colors. Wasn’t it cool to revisit your previous works?

    I’ve never worked with gouache or wall paper! I’ll have to check this out.

  3. Late schmate! Great to see anyway. Love the texture look of the background in the final piece.

  4. I especially like the 3rd one. I can’t quite say what it says to me, but I like the message!

  5. Beautiful compositions and colors, thank you for sharing !

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