Measuring Up

Going through “a thing” right now, awaiting judgement from a committee about passing a final hoop to jump through in my career and it is not going smoothly.  This spread came about over the course of a few days adding and futzing with tape, pens, markers, & distressing ink.  When done I looked it and noticed the undeniable frenetic energy a depiction of the anxiety I am dealing with right now.  I do like the page, wish that was the end of the frantic feeling inside :).  That I happened to use measuring tape tape provided the perfect title “Measuring Up.”



Filed under mixed media art, Visual Journal

2 responses to “Measuring Up

  1. I really like the colors on this one…yes, it does have lots of energy. Good luck on whatever you are waiting for.

    • allmimsey

      Thanks, for your kind words of support….loving your faces with all the colors. One day I will finally take one of these online courses, you make them very enticing!

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