GPP Street Team Monthly Crusade- “Grids”

So this month the challenge was to work with grids.  Love ’em–they offer structure and yet you can make them any which way.  NO RULES!!!!  So, here are my 2 finished works…have a third that is still in progress, but wanted to make the July 1 deadline :).

This first one is in my journal and I just used Japanese paper tape to create an asymmetrical grid.  Then I went about filling the segments with all kinds of little things–punched shapes, grunge board shapes, a tiny tag, brads, and then gel crayons and touches of silver marker.

This second one is on watercolor paper and I used a handpainted/printed paper cut into strips to delineate the symmetrical grid.  In each segment I played with some paint, gel pens, graphite pencil, and more of the same paper.

Lots of fun! TFL.



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7 responses to “GPP Street Team Monthly Crusade- “Grids”

  1. Cool !!
    What a beautiful grid lock.
    Love the background of the 2nd page.

  2. Gail – these are fabulous! Love clicking on them for the up close view – you can really see the cool details like the silver lines in the top one, and the textures in the second one. Very nice! Thanks for participating and sharing your style of grid with the team!

  3. Luv the angles in your asymmetrical grid & the abstract yet cohesive details of your second piece.

    daisy x

  4. Boy, I love the colors and the asymmetrical-ness of the first grid!! Lovely.

  5. These are both really neat. Loved the colours.

  6. Beautiful, both pages ! I especially love the first, gorgeous soft colors and the silver lines, love it !

  7. These are both lovely but the second one really pulls me in – I want to get up close and study all the pen lines and other detail. Lovely work 🙂

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