Fell Into a Funk….

I have not posted for almost an entire month….not good.  I can’t say for sure what happened.  I know prior to my complete disappearance I was struggling with my muse a bit.  This month was not about muse problems…..she was quite active, in fact.  I felt her restless and aimless pressing me to get my hands dirty, to do stuff.  I did some, I resisted, I sat metaphorically dumb at times staring blindly.  I know I am struggling with issues around rejection–feeling not taken in.  A paper I had to right did not satisfy those I had to write it for.  Things are changing more rapidly that I care to experience.  So, I fell into a funk.  I used that as a reason not to post, well, I let it keep me from posting.  I let it keep me from taking some time to just show, say, share….which of course just keeps that feeling of not being taken in all the more alive.

Here is one of my journal entries from this recent funk.  I think it says it all, and I omit the other 188 words I’ve written here.


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Filed under collage art, Visual Journal

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