Evil Thoughts

Here is a recent page from my journal.  It came into being after I got myself caught up into an argument…I do that sometimes.  I spoke up in defense of someone and could not let go of my point…I do that too sometimes.  I was very proud to find the quote in my piece to further defend my point….though in the end it really doesn’t matter.  The best way I found to let go was to stop responding and get to my journal ASAP.

I’ve chosen to share this here because I want to recognize my own explorations of being human.  That hopefulness, living/loving/laughter, etc. sometimes gets lost for a moment and anger, hostility, and frustration demand their time.

The quote is: ” The Ad Hominem Argument is not a fallacy despite there being fallacious instances of the argument”, Douglas Walton, Informal Logic, 2008, p190.   “Sometimes I Have Evil Thoughts.”


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Filed under mixed media art, Visual Journal

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