2 Sunday Challenges

This is my first participation in both Sunday Postcard Art and Gothic Arches.  SPA’s theme was “goddess” and GA’s theme was “wild & wacky”.  I’m not sure my arch truly fits the theme…it started out as something different in my head and, well, you all know once working things just happen.  Anyway, this baby goddess was fun to make!

Thanks for looking!



Filed under challenge, mixed media art

14 responses to “2 Sunday Challenges

  1. beautiful!!! love the colours!!

  2. Sandy

    Oh wow Gail this is amazing.
    Brilliant work. Love it.

  3. So creative! Lovely arch!

  4. She is great – perfect for both themes!

  5. fun techniques that you are using! great job

  6. How fun loved your baby very clever!
    Loved your art!

  7. Beautiful art! Welcome to the challenges! – Kris

  8. Great goddess and a fun arch too – cheers!

  9. I was thinking about doing the Sunday Postcard challenge. I like what you did on yours! Thanks for coming by my blog…I had to dig around to figure out who Gail is…I knew it wasn’t my sister Gail. Later,

  10. What a lovely little goddess 🙂 great colours!!


  11. This is lovely, the colours are fab and your background is really effective 🙂

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