Just had to share this….

I’ve had a hard time getting to the blog lately and just as hard a time getting to art–all very frustrating.  It is all for good though because some of my busy-ness is getting ready for vacation.  One week from today we are off to Budapest!

Today, however I discovered something I just had to share with others.  I know we all look for new papers, little bits and pieces of things to add into the art.  Well, yesterday I bought a pack of gum and got way too excited over the wrapping.  I’m not a big fan of product placement, but I got so excited and am wondering if anyone else out there has seen this or even used it yet? It is Orbit Mist gum and there were 2 flavors that I saw.  I do not know if the other flavor has the same paper, but I will be hunting it down to see soon!

I have yet to do anything with the paper other than glue some of the wrappers onto a blank journal page. Anyone else use them? Would love to hear/see from you!  I will be busy chewing gum :o)


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One response to “Just had to share this….

  1. Crystal

    Yes, I was turned on by this paper and saved it too

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