Saturday Lot’s To Do…on Sunday

Saturday “Lot’s to Do” Challenge asked for tags in non-traditional tag shapes.  I had made these yesterday, but too much to do kept me from posting.   Today, I should be writing a paper, so of course I have time to post…lol.

I happen to have made the backgrounds in my journal for use at a later date, but thought the tags looked good on them…the second one perhaps the background is too busy, but such it life…too busy sometimes.

Back to writing my paper :0(



Filed under challenge, collage art

3 responses to “Saturday Lot’s To Do…on Sunday

  1. sam21ski

    Oooh just love your shaped tags

    Thanks for playing along with us over on Lotstodo this week – Sam xxx

  2. brilliant shaped tags – and love the backgrounds in your journal

    Thanks for taking the time to join the Lotstodo Challenge this week xx Hilda

  3. Ooh these are different, they are fab, bet you had fun making them.

    I love the colours, thanks for sharing , Jaqi

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