Art Creations Friday

A background and photo were part of this week’s challenge from Art Creations Friday.

After I did this one I played with my new Japanese tapes on the back of the page and ended up using the girl again:

I am enjoying the tapes quite a bit, 2 of my journal entries from earlier in the week deal much with my desire to play with the new toys I have and yet struggling to feel playful.  Today’s prompt from ACF was quite helpful to get “my play on”!



Filed under challenge, mixed media art, Visual Journal

8 responses to “Art Creations Friday

  1. Interesting work with this tapes! I like it!

  2. What a entertaining and enjoyable yournal !!
    Your entry brought a huge smile on my face.

  3. Sandy

    Wow these are amazing.
    Wonderful pages.

  4. wil

    What a fabulous work, gorgeous!!!

  5. This is so awesome, what a little artist she is.

  6. Love your artiste entry for the challenge!
    I love these tapes. I have way too many of them. They are so much fun. I love how you added them to your journal pages.
    I noticed last time I was in Michaels they had a bunch in their dollar section.

  7. FANTASTIC, very creative!!!!!!!!

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