Less than Successful

Today, Mixed Media Monday challenged me to “something new” and TMTA invited me to use newspaper….I thought well, why not combine. I ended up choosing to do something new, rather than depict it…I just got some Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (UTEE) and thought I’d try it….I played with some transfers and added in newspaper…a small bit about making things out of nothing! But…the UTEE was odd to use for me and it ended up obscuring the work underneath it more than I wanted.  I played with some drinking straw beads and ribbon, but in the end it’s just not my best work.  I thought about not posting, about just dumping it.  Even photographing it was a challenge–all the bumpy shiny places the light could jump off and get in the way.  Then I decided the point here is for me to share (warts and all) and learn, perhaps some of you may have some insight to where I went wrong with the UTEE? So here it is, I appreciate any feedback, and no need to be overly kind.  I’m so proud of my previous “Athena” ATC, this just is not my best, and that is ok.



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16 responses to “Less than Successful

  1. I love the textures you have achieved on this ATC! Not a disaster as you think. I love working with UTEE, clear is best for work like this, several layers heated up so they all melt into one shiny layer works well. It is also great for stamping into while hot.

  2. Amy

    I think it’s pretty!

  3. I love the look. Everyone is different, but I think it turned out well and you found a different use for UTEE. Creating is about learning and using what you learn and you did just that.
    Great job.

  4. Sandy

    Wow this is great.

  5. johanna

    i LOVE the texture on this atc! maybe sometimes it is good if something different comes out than we envisioned?

  6. Great texture!! love it!

  7. It’s an interesting technique you’re sharing there. If you’re not happy with the result just use it for something else another day – that’s my motto. At least you know a bit more about how this technique works and it does create some brilliant texture!

  8. allmimsey

    Just want to thank all who commented…yes, re-creating, even accepting what may not be perfect is definitely a point of view I strive to achieve. Learning a new material always means being new at something again…thanks for the support to keep on going it is truly appreciated.

  9. Great experiment! Maybe not what you were going for but the end result is cool. Cheers!

  10. I think it’s just wonderful!!! What beautiful results!! Sometimes I think we’re all too hard on ourselves and we don’t realize that our gift is the creation of it all. But, your results are amazing!
    🙂 Cindy Adkins

  11. I think it is good to try new things. I like the texture on this ATC even if it didn’t turn as you
    might have hoped.

  12. mixedmediamonday

    Ah, the joys of UTEE, eh! The only tip I can offer is to put the piece away for a little while and then revisit. I think you might like it more then. I think it’s actually very effective and interesting. You might feel the same when you revisit it.

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