Athena-goddess of wisdom, war, and craftsmanship

This was an image of a girl on a bench with a bouquet  of flowers offered at Art Creations Friday challenge….

Blown up several time and a few changes here and there and she is transformed into Athena goddess of wisdom and craftsmanship.  I had no plans to create her, but as I colored and altered that is who emerged.



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13 responses to “Athena-goddess of wisdom, war, and craftsmanship

  1. Very kewl!!! Great idea.

  2. Exclusive idea.
    It’s very nice.

  3. Sandy

    Wow this is fantastic.
    Wonderful work.

  4. Terrific transformation! Cheers!

  5. great piece!! love it!!

  6. Wow, this is very unique!

  7. She makes a nice Athena. Very creative of you.

  8. beautiful entry from today

  9. We definitely need more Goddesses. She is fab!

  10. An amazing giant leap from over-dressed little girl to Goddess (I am smiling to know that she is the Goddess of craftsmanship, among other things. The headgear suits her perfectly. Great artwork. I love it.

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