Mixed Media Monday-Leftovers

The theme from Mixed Media Monday is leftovers.  How perfect–I’d spent my weekend cleaning and organizing my art supplies and area often agonizing over the little bits and pieces from old work and yet very likely to be useful…one day.  I tried to be brutal and just clean, but a few things slipped through and here came that one day!

The background is entirely of leftovers…paint on a palette, ends of 2 rolls of tape, scrap paper, etc.  I then painted the face and used markers to add detail and journal about the use of leftovers into the new year. Great challenge, great fun.



Filed under challenge, mixed media art, Visual Journal

8 responses to “Mixed Media Monday-Leftovers

  1. What a wonderful journal spread! I love the slightly grungy texture, perfect for this theme, the face, and the white journaling.

  2. Yvonne

    Fab journal spread!

  3. Sandy

    Wow brilliant entry.
    Fantastic design.

  4. mixedmediamonday

    This is a wonderful page, full of interest! Diane

  5. great use of leftovers. I hate to throw things away also!

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