Mixed Media Challenge

Today’s challenge at Mixed Media Monday is “Your least favorite color.”  It was hard to chose a color I didn’t like until I realized I was focusing on major color grouping where I can always find a shade/tone that I do like.  I don’t mind pink, many times it is just the color that is needed, but don’t  use it as a main color, and I especially don’t like to work with pinks in sweet candy-like ways.  I like a grungy-er look.  So, I made the effort to do sweet pink.

The background was one I’d already done in a journal made with scraped acrylic paint, stamps, large bubble wrap prints, etc.  I used an old photo of myself wearing a tuxedo and changed it into a skirt.  I added a penguin as it was the theme of the party I was originally dressed for.  Can’t say I love it anymore…As I titled it…”I still hate pink”!



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7 responses to “Mixed Media Challenge

  1. Very pink indeed! I don’t think the penguin likes it either! Nice piece – you can feel the fun in it.

  2. Gee, I rather like the pink you’ve used, although at times a certain pink looks like Pepto Bismal. You look cool in your altered tux.

  3. mixedmediamonday

    OK, so you’ve learned that you still don’t much like that shade of pink 🙂 It’s great that you challenged yourself with it. I actually think the page is really effective, because it’s still lovely and grungy despite the pink. Diane

  4. Sandy

    Wow this is fantastic.
    Gorgeous painting.

  5. I think the pink you used came out nicely. I’m not a fan of it either. 🙂

  6. Cool page! Thanks for visiting my blog!! 🙂

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