Created By Hand Challenge-I’m Blue

Today’s CBH challenge was “I’m Blue” and just in time for it to be true…Today I learned my latest submission for a juried show was rejected.  I was honestly not surprised.  The pieces I sent in were probably not a good choice for the particular show.  I should have known it but I got this idea stuck in my head and listened to nothing else.  Anyway…so I’m a bit blue.  I posted this page from my journal recently, feeling I didn’t know where to go with it.  Well today I used it to journal about my rejection:



Filed under challenge, collage art, mixed media art, Visual Journal

4 responses to “Created By Hand Challenge-I’m Blue

  1. yogiemp

    Sorry about the no thanks submission
    The page turned out nice even if you were feeling blue

  2. Yvonne

    Lovely journal!

  3. Sandy

    Wow this is stunning.
    Wonderful piece.

  4. threadsoftears

    I am sorry that your pieces were not accepted into the juried show. I loved those three pieces…were they looking for something in particular? This piece was mostly white before right? I am thinking how you had particular things in mind when making it and of the feelings evoked in me. Thank you for sharing your process and completed work.

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