TGIF–Faces of a Femme Fatale

This week’s theme for TGIF challenge is Faces of a Femme Fatale.  I recently watched all the Teesha Moore ( videos on her journaling technique and just completed (?) my first try at her approach.

I’m not sure where “Grey Ladies” came from, but my associations are to all the wonderful women I have known, known of, or just met in passing who embrace who they are to the fullest.  I always connect the attitude with women who keep their grey hair.  Neither of my ladies here seem to have greys yet, but I’d like to think they will.  My grandmother, a teacher I never had and one I did, a neighbor….all kept their grey hair and wear it like a badge of honor.  I hope to be able to do so myself as I age.  So far, at 43, I have kept all that I have with pride.

The techniques of Teesha Moore’s were wonderful to play with.  I love a heavily layered and full surface, however I struggle with hesitating.  I tend to stop short.  Her approach has helped me to push past.  I still need to work at it and I am not 100% sure these ladies are completely done, but for now they are.  As I am, perhaps, they are evolving, always evolving…..Thanks for looking!



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6 responses to “TGIF–Faces of a Femme Fatale

  1. Sandy

    Wow thse are stunning.
    Unbelievable design. Love them.

    Thanks for your Femme Fatale to TGiF.

  2. These are fabulous. Fantastic job.

  3. Simply amazing! Love your take on the theme!

  4. barnie

    Great pages, love them.

  5. Love these ladies…I watched Teesha’s videos too. I want to try her journaling method. Great job!

  6. Love your gray ladies! My Mother was silver at 18. She dyed to disguise, but now is natural. I am not gray I am white. I have had that white hair as long as I can remember. There is enough blond that people think it is just “tow” head, but it is white. I don’t do anything to disguise it.
    Your ladies where there age with honor. I love them.

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