Visual Journal Pieces

I just did this piece in my sketchbook.  Well, just completed it.  I’ve been starting and adding things to several pages slowly over time.  It is odd how some pages I easily go back to and keep at and others just don’t call to me. This one went very quickly, but still spread out over about 10 days.

One of the “orphans,” a page I just can’t connect with right now is:

It’s weird because I was very excited when I first glued down the papers and tag and soon went back to add the paint.  And then, I just stopped.  Each day I would look at it and pass it by.  It is certainly “cooler” than the one above, but that doesn’t seem to be the whole answer.  Not that I need one; I’m just curious about the different things and times I am inspired.



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2 responses to “Visual Journal Pieces

  1. threadsoftears

    …so If you ever want to take this out of your sketchbook it will have a home with me…ask me how much I love this… it is the old world look that I have seen in your work before ….the small watercolors where I saw cities and streets and while the people were not there physically they certainly were there on another level…here it is again.. tags from suitcases that have been lost or stolen and the names gone because no one remembers anymore…because there is no one left to remember..

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